Gametwist Casino Review

Gametwist is an online platform where all sorts of (casino) games are offered that you can play on your tablet, mobile phone or desktop. The special thing about this platform is that you can play it for free. You don’t have to play with money and you cannot earn money with it.

If you want to play at Gametwist you need to register. This is very easy through a brief registration form, there is no possibility to log in through social media. Once registered, you have to open the incoming email, and then click on the activation link. From that moment on you are registered with Gametwist and you get access to all games. GameTwist belongs to Novomatic, a company which for example also owns Casino Admiral.


What are twists?

Once registered at gametwist you get your first twists. These twists are your play money, with which you can play all available games. By default you get a number of twists when registering, but you can also earn them by visiting the website every day. You can then turn a bonus wheel. Which is kind of a wheel of fortune. If you play for a longer period of time, you will get new twists every 4 hours, so you can continue playing. But you can also get extra twists when you introduce new friends, who then buy twists. The newsletter will keep you informed about bonus twists that you can then collect and while you play, you gain experience, allowing you to play at higher levels. For this you can also suddenly receive twists.

What do the GameTwist XP points mean?

When you play with gametwist, you can collect XP points while betting twists (your virtual playing money). This abbreviation stands for experience points, it can be seen as a loyalty system. You will receive these points during the game, which will eventually promote you to the next level. In the bar at the top of the screen you see your status as a percentage, but you can also find your level at your personal domain. The promotion to the next level can be accompanied by bonus quests.

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GameTwist Casino Registration

GameTwist’s Game Offer

The platform gametwist offers consists out of a complete range of games. A big developer as Novomatic can be found in the game library of gametwist with a huge amount of online slots. Which you can also play with your twists. All games results are generated by RNG (random number generator). Which guarantees a total random outcome and chance cannot be played. When you click on a game, you first end up on a screen on which various players can be seen. If you want to play, press “play along”. The exact payouts are not known, but you can find more about a specific payout per slot.

We can subdivide the gametwist offers into the following categories

Video Slots

You will find well-known online video slots at GameTwist. We also noticed some slots that you can play in landbased casinos. For example games like ‘Sinderella’, but also the ‘Book Of Ra’ which is very popular in Germany. The games can be filtered by the number of paylines, new video slots, themes or jackpot video slots. So you will have a range of game options within one press of the button. You will also see a handy overview of the last games you’ve played.

Play bingo at GameTwist

You can play the extremely popular bingo at gametwist. They offer various variants, each with its own game elements. Playing bingo though this platform will therefore not bore you easily. There is something for everyone. There are a a lot of different bingo games available like 75 and 90 ball bingo.

Table games

Of course table games are part of the GameTwist game offer. They have the most popular table games with various theme’s, colors and music. You can play variants of roulette, sic bo and blackjack, baccarat and many more.


You can actually subdivide this category with poker table games on one side and the video poker slots on the other. As a poker player, you can play all sorts of ways and variations of this game.

Skill games

This category has a huge selection of arcade games. You can play games like sudoku, amongst other things. In addition to the arcade games, board games can be found in the range of skill games. You can play a board game like domino. If you want a game of clover jackets, click on the subcategory of card games where a large number of card games are offered. And finally, you can test your skills at the sports games sub-category. Where you can play darts, pool and more!

Buy Twists

If you are out of twists, there is the possibility to buy them. You can buy packages, which you can purchase for a small fee and you can even get ahead. You can, among other options, pay with ideal but also with bitcoins! Play in moderation is our advice, playing should remain fun.

We expect that in future there will be a place for a paid variant of GameTwist, whereby players can play with real money. Play GameTwist now, as you know the in’s and out’s!

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Games at GameTwist